Geese fighting or mating


Oct 10, 2020
Pretoria, South Africa
I have two geese, I do not know their gender. I will enclose a photo. One is big one small. We have had a problem with someone hurting the big one making him or her very aggresive. Now we have them in a space that is not as big as they are used to and they cannot get to their pool so we got a small kiddie one for them. This afternoon we saw the small one trying to push the big one's head ander the water with rhe big one making a funny noise. The small one was on top of the big one and he had the big one by the side of his beak pushing. It really looked as if he was trying to drown him. It does not look like mating but I do not know enough to really tell.

I am rambling a bit as I do not really know how to explain. They are probably both traumatized. I hope I am making some sense. Please help!
Have you looked up videos on YouTube of geese mating? It can give you a good idea of what to look for to know whether it's mating or aggressive behavior.

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