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Discussion in 'Geese' started by Sgtfirstwife, Mar 20, 2013.

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    Apr 29, 2012
    Can anyone tell me if you can have just one goose? I have lots of chickens, but I would love to have a goose. Where can I find out more information on raising geese? Can they live with my chickens?
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    This will get you started

    I don't think a lone goose would be happy with a flock of chickens, I can pretty much say that with all honesty, I have ducks/chickens and before last Aug. only had 1 goose, a gander, he seemed happy being with the ducks but never interacted with the chickens except to lower his head to make them get out of his way, I finally found him a mate this past Aug. and he is one happy gander now. They really prefer their own kind. Alot of folks have the mind set that a goose will protect their flocks, but it's not so, geese are all bluff and if a pred came around they may sound a warning but they have no way to protect a flock they can't even protect themselves.
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    I second Miss Lydia...I adopted a mixed flock (chickens/ducks/goose) that just had a lone gander (his mate had died some time before). All he did was mope about. I found him a girlfriend and he's MUCH happier.

    You don't have to have a mated pair though, you could go with two females...just so they have a pal (and you'd get twice the eggs...BONUS!).

    My geese do pretty well with my chickens. They stay in the same coop with them. They're usually pretty buddied-up to my pair of muscovies too, but breeding season hit and the gander beat up on my drake pretty bad. I think he thought the drake was trying to woo the goose (duh, boys!). I had to separate the ducks and they'll remain separate until the snow melts and there is enough room for everyone to get out of everybody else's way.

    Aside from being aware that you may have to separate during breeding, they seem to play well together. My goose is the newest to the flock, but the others were all raised together as hatchlings...and I'm not sure how much that plays into things. During the summer the ducks and geese share their pool and everyone free-ranges together. The geese just sort of ignore the chickens mostly.

    Geese are goofy...they make a nice addition.
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    Nov 6, 2010
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    My goose died not long ago. My gander is now in with the ducks and he is better than by himself but he is lonely. Luckily I have some goslings coming next week. So if the weather warms up he will have some company from them soon. I should have 2 geese with the gander once the goslings are grown.
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