Geese to help protect my ducks?


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Apr 17, 2012
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Or a version of that anyway. I posted this in the duck section not even thinking this might be the better spot.

I have 14 ducks now (3 drakes and 11 ladies). We are putting them out on our pond in a few weeks. My ducks are all cooped at night but during the day would be out in the yard/pond without supervision (although when we are home would be checked on every couple hours). I'd feel safer if I had a larger, sassy bird out there to ward off any large birds or sassy little house cats (not likely but you can never rule this stuff out). I'd just feel safer.

My questions would be: can I house them together? would it be best to get only girls (i do not want any of my lady ducks harmed by male geese)? any considerations you can think of? i'd like to get them soon- but i cannot seem to find many places selling goslings now and i am a wee nervous about adding grown geese from some unknown flock into my healthy flock...

Any breed recommendations? I was looking at the Buffs...but again I cannot seem to find anyone selling goslings right now. :(
I have buffs and I love them. They are friendly and they warn my ducks of dangers and they all know when the alarm is sound they run back to "home" aka their coop. My gander has been known to chase the dogs if they seem to be posing a "threat" to the ducks.....they really aren't a threat at all buy one of my dogs thinks he can get everything and anything to play with him and the gander doesn't like it lol
I have a pair of utility Toulouse geese and several Cayuga ducks, including 3 purchased ducklings and two duck-hatched right here. Oh, and about fifty chickens.

The geese are very protective and the goose has adopted all five ducklings. She won't let any of the chickens near 'em. Mama duck is a young one - her first hatchlings - and she willingly let Kate take over the raising of her two babies. She does check on them now and then, sort of peripherally...

If my cat or the dogs are in the yard, Kate ensures they don't even walk by the ducklings very closely. :D
Zoowee, you aren't finding goslings because the breeding season is over for this year. The geese may sound an alert, but very very rarely will they actually protect a duck. Not sure why you think buying goslings is different health wise from an adult. Goslings can transmit desease too. In order to ship live birds the seller needs to participate in their states NPIP program. This is a testing program ensuring the breeding flock is healthy.

Anytime you buy new birds to add to your flock you should be set up to quarentine them for a minimum of 30 days away from all of your other birds. This would not be on the other side of a wire fence. It would be out of contact with the birds you own completely until you can observe them and ensure they are healthy.

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