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    What would you say the friendliest geese are? Do geese and ducks get along well?
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    Jan 17, 2008
    It all depends. I have a pilgrim gander, who I consider the friendliest out of all my geese. I also have 5 sebastopols, the ganders are good up until breeding season, then they get a little mean and don't want you near their mate.

    A goose, any kind, will be tame and nice if raised by hand and looked after, but once you get them a friend or mate they will act different.
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    Ducks and geese if raised together are certainly compatible. They have nearly identical needs. Ducks and geese NOT raised together are almost always fine as well. You may have issues if you the age groups are too varied (like goslings in with adult ducks).
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    Quote:I'm sorry I should have searched for it..

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