Gelatinous eggs and moulting chickens


10 Years
Sep 3, 2012
New Hampshire
So....I know chickens when they start laying can lay gelatinous eggs. Today on the roost bar I found a gelatinous egg. I have two 20+ week old BR pullets so they should start laying soon but where I found it today was where my 18 mos old hens were roosting last night. They have been moulting for about 3-4 weeks now so my question is do chickens that are coming out of moult sometime lay gelatinous eggs? I have been offering both layer pellets as well as a higher protein feed but also have calcium available. Was using the higher protein feed to help them get over their moulting period faster plus wanted it for the younger BR's too. Was planning on switching to all layer pellets this weekend. I also found it interesting that it was on the roost bar and not in a nesting box since my older hens have laid consistently in the nest boxes before their moult started-none of them of course have laid anything since they began moulting. Thanks for the input in advance!
One of my girls did the same about week ago. A soft a egg in the grass when she consistently laid in the box before. I don't think its anything to worry about. Someone told me you'll get one of those once in a while. And all my chickens are healthy and back to laying regular eggs in there nesting boxes. I think it wasn't in the box because she knew it was going to be a bad egg.

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