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Mar 5, 2007
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Hi there! I'm going to be doing some horse shopping this summer and I only have three weeks left of school. It's definitely coming quickly!

I'm just wondering if anyone in the NJ/PA/NY area has anything for sale. I'm looking for a horse on the cheaper side, preferably $1,000-$2,000 (I know this is the difficult part!) I'm interested in geldings, but MAY consider something else. I ride western and mostly do trails, but I want something with a little get up and go. I would consider any color and any breed, except for TBs or Arabs. I just want a reliable horse I can take out with me to ride and maybe do a few fun shows with!

If anyone knows of anything, please let me know! I would even be willing to do a part trade (for chickens)/ part cash type of deal. I also have some saddles I would trade. All cash deals are fine too though! I'm also willing to travel up to three hours. I live in Hope, NJ.
Try the SPCA they allways have horses they rescue some are rescued from auctions before they go to slaughter hmm maby try a horse auction and save a horse from slaughter...Here they go realy cheap 500 or less.
With the horse market being what it is right now you shouldn't have too hard a time finding what you want in your price range. People are practically giving them away in some parts. Good luck in your search.
you might want to check out this web site.

this is a horse rescue and they are n need of finding homes for some amazing horses. They are in the process of moving and need to place them. their fees are resonable and they would help the other horses that the still there. Crossed sabers also place horses from other locations so check them out!
Thanks all for the help!

I'm a little leary of adopting though, just because we have had bad experiences with adoption places in the past, as far as horses go. Most places will not consider the horse YOURS, which may cause complications should we ever want to move. I also want a horse that will be mine. I would hate for the adoption place to come one day and just take my horse away! (This was the stipulation for the first adoption place we tried, surprisingly enough.)

With the cost of horses at auction, I may end up getting one there. Good horses are selling for $100 to the meat people. I figure I could get a horse and if it does not work out temperament wise I would always be able to get my money back. I know auctions are 50-50 but we only had one terrible experience with an auction horse who had been drugged. My first mare who passed two years ago was an auction horse, and I wouldn't have traded her for the world.

I would love to find a private seller though. I think it would definitely be better to know about the horse I am buying than buy it just from sight in an auction arena. Anyways, I am definitely checking out some of those websites!
We have been trying to sell horses in AR for almost a year now. The bottom is out of the prices. Literally, people have been giving them away. We have a hard time getting $500 for well broke ones.
I wish I lived somewhere else! Horse prices are terrible here. I guess you could say they are cheaper than before, but cheaper here means $5,000 to $1,000. You are lucky to find a sound horse for $1,000!

I know my price range is a real long shot, but I figured I would try. I know there has got to be a horse out there for me! I intend to be pretty picky this time around though. I want to be sure this horse will be the right one for me.

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