Gen badly injured.


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Jun 14, 2017
Last night one of my hens had gotten out and decided to roost in a tree for the night. When I let my dogs out they saw something rustling in the tree and went after it. Before I could get to her they had ripped her neck open pretty bad. She has a large opening and it looks like her crop is ripped open, as there was a lot of food in the wound when I washed it. She was not bleeding a lot. When I checked on her this morning she seemed totally fine. I plan on keeping the wound clean, and applying antibiotic ointment. I grew up on a farm and realize these things happen, but I just want to try to help her and not have to put her out of her misery (as my dad suggested). Any other suggestions?


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Poor thing.
Can you post a picture of how bad the injury is?
I'd like to see.
Does it look like it needs to be bandaged up?
You may want to bring her inside til she heals to help keep flies from laying eggs in the wound.

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If you superglue it, she may need an opening for drainage of the wound. Please post at "Emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures," thread. Dogs and chickens should never meet. The chicken always loses.

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