Gender and future color of these seramas


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Apr 18, 2012
Freeport IL
I have a group of chicks from a recent hatch and I'm guessing genders and possible colors. They are all a month old today.
This one below is a Serama. Pullet or Cock?

The one on the left is a Modern Game Bantam. The other is the Serama from above.

This is another month old Serama from the same hatch. His comb is a bit pinker now. He? Yes? What color is this?

#1 is a Mille Fluer Cochin Bantam #2 is a D'uccle #3 is another Mille Fluer Cochin

Any guesses? Also, if you could... I would love for you to explain your guess. I'm pretty new to chicken keeping so any tips are helpful.
the first pic is a pullet and the second will maybe grow up to be a Rooster!
He might be a mottled. and the rest looks like pullets to me. but Im just taking a guess.

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