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Jul 4, 2021
I have three ancona ducks approximately 9 weeks old. Is there any way to tell gender besides the voice? One acts different than the other two, lays with its head on the ground, sometimes I think it is dead, but, then i poke it and it is, it also is usually a few steps away from the other two and is always turning its head to look and listen unlike the other two...any thoughts?

I am raising them with 4 easter egger pullets that are 11 weeks and I have been feeding all of them purina flock raiser. In five weeks I will be switching to layer food with oyster shells. Will this be ok for the ducks?

At what age should I clip the ducks wings?


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May 5, 2020
Kendallville Indiana, US
You can’t really tell their gender by the way the act. But if you post a video of their voices I’d gladly help you figure out their genders.
Also, I wouldn’t feed layer feed just in case you have drakes. If drakes have to much calcium it can give them liver problems. You can give them All flock feed with optional oyster shells. Here are some flock feeds Dumor Flock Feed, Country Road All Flock, NutrenaWise Flock Feed.
How tall is your fence? I’ve heard Ancona ducks aren’t great flyers so I don’t think you should have to clip their wings.

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