Gender/breed help please

Julie SC

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Jun 26, 2017
Think frizzle Cochin (mottled or black cockerel in first photos) was a MUCH larger egg and is much larger than all of the others hatched out within the same week. We hatched bantam silkies, mille flour d'uccles and frizzle cochin or sizzles or sizzle sultans --supposedly.

Bantam frizzle ( white or calico pullet in second group)

and not sure if Bantam or standard or if Cochin or sex (black smooth feathering in last set of photos)
this chick is also a bit larger than the others -but smaller than the chick in first group of photos. ALSO this chick has black skin and FIVE toes like the silkies. funny looking chick. Very precocious too. Trying to fly out of the space I have them in--more energetic like my mille Fleur d'uccle chicks.

ALL three of these Chicks hatched the 19th of Feb. and came from same place. so 3.5 weeks old. photos are from day of hatch, at two weeks old and at three weeks.

Thanks! fullsizeoutput_590f.jpeg fullsizeoutput_591b.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5922.jpeg KGYHVF+BQliNe6Kpz9LMzQ.jpg 1GyclMg2SxCWRyPEUD4t5g.jpg ThDLTe8kSw26O2K4CA508g.jpg I8vE9COFTiu1ACXvqmre0Q.jpg fullsizeoutput_5bbe.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5bdd.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5be4.jpeg QImMzQDfQP2BAE7JtM4c3g.jpg qLE2syosSw+ujQTeZb1jgA.jpg fullsizeoutput_5947.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5956.jpeg Q+91XLVPQ%ecqOA73wRMoA.jpg c7U2vaUOSpif46NGpF7dsg.jpg 7ksoceYjRNKQ70jBvLbarg.jpg fullsizeoutput_5bff.jpeg SIovUQGmTt+oPSyzlEJadA.jpg fullsizeoutput_5931.jpeg ZOwCFQvFT%S6neX2jvXO3Q.jpg fullsizeoutput_5b6f.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5b80.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5bb4.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5b83.jpeg fullsizeoutput_5b98.jpeg


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May 22, 2013
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My Coop
Much too young to tell the gender, give it 4 to 6 weeks and then post some updated pictures :)
I'm not sure about the breeds, but some experts will come along soon and give you some answers :)

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