Gender-challenged EE? Please advise!


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Jun 10, 2009
Here is an image of my 5 month old EE who very suddenly (within the last week) has started displaying rooster-like feathers and may have even been trying to crow this morning! This bird has been at or near the bottom of the pecking order in my small flock since I got it 3 months ago. Behind him/her can be seen my other EE who is now 6 months.

Is this breed known to have pullets/hens who display some rooster-like qualities or do I just have a VERY late bloomer here??!

When I first got this bird, it was fully feathered with a very nice long, straight tail and was by far the most friendly - would even jump into my lap to snuggle!

The other roosters I had both had large wattles & combs and NO tails and were crowing at around 2-2.5 months.

Anyone have any ideas/experience with this?? Please advise!

It's an EE Roo.
Keep in mind that EEs are mutts they aren't a true breed so they can have waddles, they may not have them. They usually have tails but some may not. They can have any type of a comb, any color feet, any color feathers etc. There is not breed standard for them because they are not a true breed.
Very pretty blue boy all the same!
EE roos are generally hard to sex since they can have smaller combs and no wattles, so until they grow the roo feathers, they don't look much different than the pullets. That guy is definitely a roo based on his hackle and saddle feathers thoough. He is gorgeous! Some roos don't crow until later too. My Jersey Giant roo just started to crow and get his long tail at around 5 months old.
I have an ameracauna cockerel thats 22 weeks this week.. he's had a distinctive comb since 8 weeks.. but has yet to crow, dine his ladies or try to take them to the bedroom.. His mate is also way behind.. she is still light pink in the peacomb.

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