Gender Clues to Look for in Black Australorps, Welsummers, Buff Orphingtons and Barred Rocks


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I have a very large EE rooster (he's 8 2/3 pounds) and his two EE and one BSL hens are too small for him. I'm wanting to add one each of the following breeds to my flock to spread the friendliness around (and from what I've read, they're larger bodied hens): Buff Orphington, Black Australorp, Welsummer and Barred Rock to my flock. There is a local hatchery that only sells straight run chicks and I believe the chicks are a couple weeks old. Do you have any sexing hints to look for when searching for pullets among SR chicks?


Not an expert....for me barred rock female chicks are more black with white tips on feathers.....BR roos are more white with black tips on feathers. Also BRs have a spot on the top of their heads....small round dot..pullet....odd shaped dot....roo

If the chicks at the hatchery are 2-3 weeks old...I would look for the ones that are feathered out the most. Pullets feather out faster.

When I bought my chicks at our local feed store (they were all suppose to be pullets) they were about 1-2 weeks old, I checked their wings. Out of 8- the only one I questioned (and got anyway) was a SLW. He is my only roo.

Two weeks later I went back to the feed store to look at the chicks and they still had a lot from the same batch I got mine from..........I was lucky...they had sooooo many roosters in that batch. I really think they were all straight run.....I got lucky.

If the chicks are feathered out a lot.....look at the comb....any red at all........I'd pass on.

The other breeds I'm not sure about.....hope this helps.
Welsummer cockerels feather out a different color from the pullets. If there is alot of black in the wings, chest, and back then it's probably a roo. Pullets will have more of the "wild" game color with reddish chest.

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