Gender Confused Chook???


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Feb 14, 2011
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Hello all,

I have an Isa Brown hen who crows all the time and usually around the same time...Is this normal? I have only 3 hens in total and she is the only one who does it...I though only roosters crowed and she is 100% hen! We started off with 2 hens which haven't been around roosters before and then we rescued this hen from a farm who was with roosters a lot...I was told that perhaps because she has come from that environment into this one with no roosters that she has taken on the role herself...Like she is gender confused...Could this happen?


crowing hens are not unheard of from all the past threads on this topic , but i think in a lot of cases it turns out to be a rooster...but you cant argue with a laying , crowing hen.. although just like with humans , dogs , cats etc it could be a case of hermaphroditism , as it is documented in poultry by the university of Michigan in 68- check it out
OK now I feel bloody stupid....I didn't realize that hens has 'egg songs'...I am thinking that that is perhaps what she is doing!

My Hens have eggs songs , each one unique to the hen but it definitly does not sound like crowing.. not to say that its impossible...
a cock-a-doodle-doo is universal language... my girls egg songs sound more like a cluck cluck bok bok announcement

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