Gender Confused Khaki?


6 Years
Apr 17, 2013
I Have 9 khaki campbell ducks which are all 3 months old. They have been growing great and up till today I thought I had 3 males and 6 females. I picked up my one duck (who I thought was a female) to find a dark curl in the bottom end. This duck doesn't look like my other males and is the same size as my females. Its voice is like a squeaky female and the colouring is just like a females except his back end. Can someone help me figure out is this is a male who is just a late bloomer or is this a female with a dark curl? Im confused lol. Here's a link of this confused duckie :)

Reminds me of my Vier. This past year, with the addition of our first drake, she developed a curly tail feather and her voice got kind of squeakier and raspier.

I have been told that sometimes this can happen in a flock with no drakes. It does appear that her social role in the flock is protector and guide, so I feel these things are related.
Lol my duck hasn't decided what it wants to be yet I suppose... Everything about her is a female. The size, colouring (besides the back tail feathers) etc. but it's just that little curly tail and squeaky voice that's throws her all off... Is there actually such thing as he/she duck? If I bought these ducks from a seller who didn't change up his flock would this type of situation arouse? I got all my 9 ducks from the same seller at the same time and my 2males have white on their chest which I didn't think was suppose to be with khakis. Thanks for everyone's reply :)

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