Gender help!


Feb 9, 2015
So, I have some ~12 week old Ameraucanas (blue/black/splash) and I am really having a hard time figuring a couple out! None of their combs (except the splash) are getting color yet. Only a couple have the obvious 3 row pea comb. We have 2 "house favorites" and if they're both boys, we may be in trouble!

Snowball the Splash:

Group shot w/Snowball and Greyskull (left, moving) in the back ~3 weeks ago:

Then we have Greyskull:

He Blinked!

Both of these guys are my only Ameraucana's to have pinkish combs!

For contrast, a black one I think is a pullet:

And one I think is a roo:

They all look like pullets. By 12 weeks, even very slow maturing boys would be more red in the comb.
That would be my luck, only having pullets with a straight run. I was thinking I would have all roos! I was thinking that boys would have more red by now too. I guess I'll wait on any plans to treat the "boys" to freezer camp for a bit longer.
My husband will be thrilled! He was worried about having too many boys. And now we'll have eggs coming out our ears

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