Gender of 12 weeks leghorns


Oct 9, 2018
Hello I was wondering if someone could please tell or help me to identify the gender of these 2 leghorn please? The white one has a larger comb but is smaller the black one has a smaller comb but is bigger and the feathers of the black one seems to be quite round but he looks a bit different from the rest of the flock, thank you xx


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At age three months, cockerels will be sporting red and quite prominent head gear while pullets at that age will still have inconspicuous combs of a very pale hue which remains pale until right before onset of laying.

I'd say both those birds are male. Look carefully at the tail feathers emerging. If you see the beginnings of curved sickle feathers, that will seal the bargain.
The white is a cockerel. The black looks like it could go either way. Are there any saddle feathers coming in on the black?
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No but the black one seems to make a lot of noises all day long, is that an indication?
It very well could! Crowing is often like a weird cough or wheezing noise at that age. I often think I have a sick chick and then realize what the noise is

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