Gender of Pekin Ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by FeatherMtnFarms, Mar 20, 2016.

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    Sep 13, 2015
    We just got 2 Pekin ducklings from TSC and they are about a week old. We know they are Pekin but we don't know what genders they are. Here are some questions:

    1. At what age do drakes get their "drake feather"
    2. When do they start to make the noises to tell if they are a boy or girl? (What age?)
    3. Does bill color contribute to gender at all?

    Thank you!
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    If I'm remembering correctly, I started seeing signs of my guy's drake feather around 8-10 weeks. It was a bit later than that when I started noticing their voices being different, but these were my first 4 ducklings last Spring. I have one drake and one female Pekin. My girl's bill is definitely lighter in color, but I have no idea when that difference showed up. I'm not sure if this is typical for the breed or just how my two ended up. [​IMG]

    Congrats on your new babies! Feel free to share pics. [​IMG]
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