Gender reveal party!


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Sep 25, 2020
Hello everybody, my name is Luna.

I’d like to think I have a rather unique story on how I got started with chickens. I was helping my mother pick up a bag of chicken feed at the tractor supply and they were selling chicks. I got very excited when she told me I could handpick them myself and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, in my excitement and my Great Dane puppy’s excellent, I was not listening to what the employee was telling me about the chicken breeds and which tub was pullets and what tub was straight run and so I had to play catch-up on these threads to figure out the breeds.
Now three weeks in I know so much more about chickens but still having trouble with my one chick’s gender, who I believe is an Easter Egger. I think he’s a Roo. So welcome to the party!

This is Venice.

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