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I have six 11 week old chicks - 2 Rhode Island Reds, 2 sex linked goldens, and 2 Americanas (Easter Eggers?). All of these chicks are suppose to be pullets but those Americanas are different looking and I am new to this whole chicken thing. At any rate, I tried to photographed them but no one would stay still. When my 9yr old came home from school I got her to hold them but it was still chaos. So anyway, do the Americanas and Rhode Island Reds look female or male. The sex linked goldens should be females so I don't wonder about them. No one has crowed and of course they are too young to lay. Here are some less than ideal photos:

The two Americanas look very similar except the slightly lighter one has bigger tufts - I can't tell them apart in the photos. I will try again tomorrow.

I suspect this is the darker Americana with smaller tufts.

The Rhode Island Reds look alike too.

and the second Rhode Island Red (I think):

So what do you think, do have pullets or is there a lurking roo?
I would say the first three are girls, the last one I am on the fence about. Also I don't think your Americanas are in fact Americanas they are Easter Eggers. Did you get them from a feed store or hatchery? Most hatcheries sell their "Easter Eggers" as Americanas. They are still great birds and most lay colored eggs.
Thanks for the input. I was hoping we had all pullets and it seems I have a good chance for that. The Americanas were sold as such at the nearest local feed store. After reading on BYC I figured they are Easter Eggers. I am fine with that as long as they give me some interesting colored eggs. Well, actually I would just be happy with eggs in general. I have enjoyed the chickens so far.

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