Genders for my brood of mixblood *Update*

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Erebus, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Erebus

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    I have a runt called "Blondie" who is approx 21 weeks and was rescued from the rain and exposure... never quite the same.

    This is the mum. Her name is "Red":
    This is (probably) the dad (if not it was his brother). His name is "Booster":

    Here is "Blondie". Am I seeing (a scrawny pathetic little) hen?

    She has been fostered into a family of now 19-week-olds:

    They have the same dad but this is their mum, "Dolly", who is a fantastic broody.
    She is the one in the middle with a bit of spider-web on her pea-comb:

    Here is "Cockle", who seems to be basically the same colour as the mum so I'm thinking hen?:

    Here is "Chip", who looked stripy like a chipmunk before fledging:

    This is "Little Red" (on the right), who got big first and whose voice broke but seems to show no signs of growing a big comb:

    None of them have crowed at all.
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  2. Mahonri

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    All pullets.

  3. chichick

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    May 1, 2011
    Quote:i agree.
  4. Erebus

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    Thanks heaps! <3 That is super awesome. I wasn't looking forward to having to eat any of them. [​IMG]
  5. Erebus

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    Had a much closer inspection today and it looks like "Cockle" so named because it was showing off some masculine characteristics, is now showing more.
    It has long, glossy, pointed neck feathers.
    It seems to be developing glossy tipped saddle feathers.
    It looks like some green in its tail and the longest feathers seem to be a little more triangular rather than rounded.

    I wish nobody had told me there was a chance he was a girl because he looks like there's no way now.
    Feeling kinda gutted because I didn't want to get attached to any of the roosters and this one is now my favourite of the brood.

    I know peeps say wait till it crows or lays an egg but has anyone had a girl with these features?
  6. Erebus

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    Here's Cockle at 22weeks... a lot more roosterly. That's what I've got right?
  7. missred871

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    Quote:yes, he is a rooster but all the others look like girls to me. I think you got very lucky!
  8. Erebus

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    Lucky is having a husband who says "oh well, if he's healthy and viable you can always keep him for breeding..."

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    Quote:Good Husband!! [​IMG]
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    I was going to say all pullets except for Cockle. Seems like you already discovered that. Your little Blonde pullet will make an adorable hen. She may never catch up in size the the rest, but will find her place in the flock. Absolutely beautiful birds!!!!

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