general guidlines needed on sexing

Discussion in 'What Breed Or Gender is This?' started by Mrs. K, Sep 19, 2010.

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    Nov 12, 2009
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    I have 10 seven wk old chicks. Taking pictures is harder than it sounds. I will try again today, though.

    All of their combs seem to be about the same size and color.

    Tails held up or down, does that signify anything? Most seem to have their tails down, and some are slightly curling.

    3 have very stiff tails that they hold up, I have thought that these all along were males as when hatched they were yellow with the black dot on their head.

    Then today I noticed some green coloring in the tail, saddle area of some that I was sure were hens, is green always a color for roosters?

    They are mutts, some have yellow legs like I am used to, but some legs are green, to greenish/blue/black colored.

    Some have little beards?

    I have a beautiful colored flock, but I am not keeping them all, some will need to be processed. I am just wanting to know who to call dinner, and not get attached too.

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    I asked this same question a few days back. Here is a link to that thread
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    They're likely all Easter Eggers, especially that you mentioned the beards and green legs. This means they're crossbred chickens likely to lay green eggs.

    Tail angle does not mean anything. However, color does with Easter Eggers. Pictures or a description can really help. Also, green tails signify roosters.

    Otherwise, look and wait for larger, redder combs and post pics. [​IMG]

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