General ID and a couple of Marans


8 Years
Aug 9, 2011
Las Vegas
My Wife got me these from a feed store that told her they were "fancies" but she can't remember what breed they are. Also they are all supposed to be hens, can you help me ID them?

Then there are my Golden Cuckoo Marans that I hatched myself so if you could help sex them that would be great.

The white one (both pics are the same chick) has me confused, it definitely hatched out of a Dark Brown egg labeled GCM that I got from a highly respected breeder so I'm reasonably sure that it came from GCM stock. All of the other 4 that hatched out of that batch look exactly alike, you can see 2 in the bottom photo and 1 other I'm holding a couple of pictures up. Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!

the blue looks like a young Andalusian (sp) possibly roo the next i need a full body shot but might be a sliver lakenvelder pullet the other might be a light sussex pullet as for the marans being white i know it happens in the black coppers from time to time

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