"generally recognized house or yard pets" LEGAL PRECEDENT IN TEXAS

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    I am looking into getting Silkie chickens... however, I could use some help with these HOA rules. Our neighborhood allows horses, but as far as I know, not chickens. Does anyone know if there are legal documents that set a precedent in Texas that call poultry or chickens yard or house pets?

    Additionally, does anyone know about 4H? I could try to chickens through board approval by being in 4H... I am not a teenager, and I thought that was a requirement...


    I appreciate all help. Above is my HOA covenants, conditions, and restrictions on Animals.

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    I can see where you have some confusion because it appears as if the HOA is open to some types of animals commonly thought of as barnyard animals. I think for a chicken to be classed as a house pet it would need to be a house chicken that predominantly spends its time indoors like any other house pet.

    Honestly, since your rules do not expressly either permit or prohibit any sort of poultry or fowl, your best bet would be to contact your HOA. Good luck!
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    From the way it is worded, I would say that chickens are not banned BUT you need to get prior approval.
    - Talk to your neighbors to see if they are on board - according to the rules, even if the HOA approves it, your neighbors could say no and that would be the end of that.
    - Contact the HOA Planning Committee and see if they are even open to you having chickens. You will definitely need to have a drawing of your lot and show where you intend to build the coop. A printout of google earth showing the streets around your place and then use a magic marker to show where the coop will be build should be enough. Even better would be from the County/State GIS website (if they have one) because that site would show your lot lines. Usually, you can turn on an aerial photo.
    - I cannot read the allowance for 4-H, but typically that section is so kids in 4-H can keep project animals.
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    I would ask the HOA. be prepared to show/explain how you would keep them. Photo’s of likely coops etc. bring information on “quieter “ breeds. Really have a presentation ready. Show that you have taken into consideration your neighbors and the the profile and exterior of your coop. And don’t sneak in a Roo! Lol
    Best wishes.

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