Genes, Legs, Feathers... What? This bird is killing me.

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  1. I have a pullet that is a mix between a Buff Orpington Rooster and a Red Star hen.... soooooo..... why does she have green legs? There were about four pullets like her, but no roosters or anything like her [​IMG]

    The Dad:
    What the moms looked like:
    The pullet and her brother:
    The pullet:

    Could anyone know about this? I just dont know what to do.

  2. ve

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    I do not see her legs being green!They are a litle slate from Sex Link mama but skin is white like her father's.
  3. Well, I didnt mean green per say, but they are not white, like her brothers and dads and moms. They are slate, but how would that come from her sex link mother.
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    Looks like mom may have had some Aracauna in her, that might explain the off color.
  5. Im not sure, there were only 3 or 4 with the bluey slatey leg color, as they grew. They were white then changed. I'm not sure if there were more since I sold a bunch as chicks. Also, the brother in the pic above, I think he sired some babies in my group because three of the chicks have slate legs, and one is actually more green.
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    The rooster (father) carries the sex linked dermal melanin gene and a sex linked dermal inhibitor gene. Because he is heterozygous (split) he can give the gene that causes the blue legs (dermal melanin gene) to his daughters and his sons. The blue legged birds have white skin. All of the offspring from the first cross carry a recessive yellow skin gene so if the offspring are crossed with a yellow skin bird- some of the offspring will have yellow skin and green legs.

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    Those legs are white-ish looking to me. Slate legs are much darker. Some white legs can have an ashen or a pinkish appearance depending on the breed and laying status.

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    Great answers.My mind was thinking in elementary terms like Yellow plus slate blue greyish equals green. I need to get up more on the genetics.
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    Quote:Correct. The proper term for green legs is willow.

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