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11 Years
Jun 17, 2008
Middle Tennessee
I now have more broody hens than I need, and I would love for someone else to enjoy my great incubator package. I have been very happy with the performance of the Genesis 1588, and I can't recommend it enough for folks new to hatching eggs. I am offering these items at far less than retail, and they are all in fantastic, near-new condition.

This auction is for a complete hatching package containing the following lightly used items:

1) One GQF 1588 Genesis Hovabator incubator with pre-set thermostat. Features circulated air, plastic bottom liner. These incubators are fantastic, easy to use and provide really stable temperatures for hatching. You literally only have to plug it in, add a bit of water (and eggs!) and you're ready to go. This is the second 1588 I have owned, and this incubator was only used once to finish a small hatch when a broody abandoned her nest near hatch time. It has been scrubbed down carefully with bleach, air dried, packed in its original box, and contains all the original directions. I even threw in one of my own nifty hatching spreadsheets!

2) One Genesis 1610 auto egg turner with both chicken and quail egg racks. Works great! Only slightly used, scrubbed carefully with bleach and packed carefully in its original box.

3) I will also throw in a 1730 12-volt adaptor you can use to plug your Genesis incubator into a car or marine battery in case of power outage. It has never been used, since you only need one of these if you don't have one, LOL!

All items originally purchased from Cutler Supply, a great, dependable company with high-quality merchandise. They also have the lowest incubator retail prices I have found.

The incubator runs around $123 retail at Cutler, the egg turner retails for $50, and the adaptor around $10, bringing you to around $183, not including shipping, to purchase these items new.

Buyer to pay flat rate shipping, as listed above. US Postal Service, Parcel Post to Lower 48 states only. Seller not responsible for Post Office handling, craziness, etc.; while I had no problems receiving these items intact, buyer may opt for insurance at his/her own expense.

Paypal only, due within 48 hours of the end of the auction.

I am happy to answer any questions you might have; please PM me as needed.

Thanks so much for reading, and happy hatching!

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