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    Is there a test available for looking into the bloodlines to figure out wether or not your birds are from champion blood lines. I have a pair of Black Sumatras and want to show them really badly, problem is this fall I'm going to have chicks to sell. I wish to know what grade(I guess) they are, Champion, Hatchery, ect. If anyone knows of a blood test that determines bloodlines that would be awesome! Thanks!
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    Enter them into a competitive show and have them judged, especially, if there are a dozen other top breeders there exhibiting their birds along side yours. That's how it is done in the poultry world.

    We don't use "genotype" that is essentially what you're asking for in your question, the genetic history.

    We use "Phenotype" or how well the bird visually matches up to the written description for the breed in it's Standard. The Standard for the breed is the measuring stick up against which it must be judged. Phenotype means does the type (shape, size, feather, tail, back, shanks, comb, etc) all thing we can SEE. Does what we see match what is described in the Standard. Phenotype. Does it have poor, good or great type.

    That's how it's done in this poultry world. It sin't like AKC with dogs where stud books are kept or with racehorses where sire and dam pedigrees are kept dating back centuries. Nothing like that at all.

    The standard for your breed, as well as all the other accepted breeds, are found here:
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