Genetic defect? I have a NAKED chick!

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    I'll be posting pics later but I have a chick from my New Year's Day Hatch that doesn't have but just a few feathers.

    I don't dare take it out of the brooder with the lamp for fear it will die from the cold. All of it's 4.5 week old hatchmates are almost fully feathered at this point.

    It has maybe five or six underdeveloped primary wing feathers but that's it.

    It was born with 'chocolate' looking baby fuzz but that's soon disappearing.

    I've seen pics of NAKED chickens before, but now I'm wondering if they too are born with normal looking baby fluff, but then the feathers never develop?

    If this is a recessive genetic defect, might I cross it with a "cornish X" and then take a resultant rooster and put it back over it's mother (assuming it's a pullet) to get 50% naked chicks?..... And I could also take the resultant pullets and cross them with a resultant roo to get somewhere between 25% & 50% naked offspring? I'm thinking this might be a good thing for chickens in Phoenix as long as I can keep them out of the Sun. Processing would be a breeze without plucking to do...

    .... but I'd have to install some low roosts because they wouldn't be able to "fly up" to the normal ones.

    It seems as if there was someone else here on BYC who had some naked chickens... does anyone know who that was?

    Like I said, after church I'm going to bring it in with it's brooder buddy ( a SFH with curled toes) and take pics so you can see how many feathers it SHOULD have.

    Any info anyone can give me about this genetic defect would be appreciated.
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    Can't wait to see that! I vaguely remember an article posted about some folks that were raising featherless chickens but my old brain can't dredge up any details.
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    Is it more naked than this Blue Orp chick at 4 weeks old? This is big old Suede as a naked youngster. Hopefully, yours is just SUPER slow feathering like poor Suede was. He did end up okay, LOL. What is the breed of the chick, Mahonri?
    <---------------------------------------see avatar.

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    I just rehomed about half of my NYD chicks and my NN baby hardly had any feathers. I think it just happens sometimes. I am fairly sure he is a roo, based on that and comb size. Poor little guy - hope the new person gives him enough heat. Does your chick not even have fuzz left?
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    No, I've seen the Naked Scaleless Green chicks and they do not have any down at all.
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    Mahonri, google Hutt, Genetics of the Fowl, and find the online version. Go to page 117 and start reading there. I'll try to post the link when i'm not using my phone and can copy it for you.
  7. Mahonri

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    The chick I believe is an Icelandic, and no Cyn... it looks nothing like Suede. HOW I WISH IT DID!
  8. speckledhen

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    Oh, dear, more naked than the chickster Suedenator?? Must see a picture of this pathetic child!
  9. Imp

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    There have been an occasional posts with someone who had a naked chicken, but I think you might be thinking of Danishi in Israel. She had one as a pet, and knew someone involved in trying to raise them, as a food source for hot 3rd world countries.

    Imp- looking forward to pics
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