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    This listing is for fertilized eggs from my flock of genetic hackle birds. - These eggs will come from True Genetic Hackle Chickens. These birds have a history of over 20 years of selective breeding to produce the beautiful feathers that fly tyers use to make their fishing and presentation flies.

    These birds should not be confused with the birds you often see advertised as Fly Tie birds. These fly tie birds have similar colors but do not have the feather characteristics that make them suitable for Fly Tying.

    These beautiful birds are specifically bred for the fly tying industry. These birds will produce beautiful capes and saddles that contain feathers with the correct attributes for creating fishing flies. You can expect eggs hatched from my breeders to produce saddles of 15+ inches. Most of our birds develop saddles that will be dragging on the ground in about 9 months.

    These birds are large fowl that are very cold tolerant.

    All eggs will be sold in a random mix from my breeding pens. These eggs will come from my top quality breeders.
    You will have a chance at the following colors / patterns. Grizzly, Grizzly Variant, Barred Dun, Light, Med, Dark Dun, Light Ginger, Ginger, Barred Ginger, Ginger Variant, Cree,
    Black, White, Silver, Badger, Golden Badger, Silver Badger, Furnace, Cream,

    These eggs are sold by the half and full dozen
    Shipping is 15.00 for USPS priority mail

    For more info and photos check out my profile or my website at - beaverkillvalleyhackle dot com
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