genetic horror or disease?

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    Never have experienced this before and thought I would ask if any others have. Last Fall, I had a hen to hatch biddies pretty late it had already begun to get cold. All of the babies ended up dying. I feel from whatever the condition they had. Some of my birds are inbred, and I didn't know wheather it was a genetic condition, or disease. They could not walk very good. Those that could walk would just wobble around on their legs like they had rubber legs. I watched them closely trying to see exactly what was happening. When they walked their leg joint would bend either way! Very freaky! Anybody know what this condition was? I will be letting the hens start setting pretty soon and was wondering if I need to administer vaccines? If so, what kind of vaccines would help this? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks, Johnny
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    Thank you for sharing this website. It has a lot of great information! Thank you, Johnny
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    Hi everyone, I don't mean to step on anyone's Toes or anything but I need to know if there is a disease that is only spread through roosters rather than the hens that are in close proximity of the rooster?
    Reason for the question is because sometime in the month of January I started having roosters die off. The first rooster was my long-time rooster that was a good breeder and a beautiful bird. The next one was one of my chicks I guess they were probably about 5 to 6 months old, that rooster never had a chance, he died. Then I had another one. So, a few days ago I noticed my rooster, who I just added to my barn yard hens- although he was raised with my silkies and my bannies in the same coop but separated from each other - anyhow he started showing the same signs and symptoms about 3 days ago as my previous roosters showed through several days it took for them die. The first symptom I noticed was my rooster going horse, I thought it was because he was crowing too much because he does crow a lot. the next symptoms were hoarseness, no crowing, sneezing and his tail feathers aren't up there down like he's sad or depressed. You know how you can see their mood with how they hold their fathers. The last few symptoms before the roosters die are lethargy, separates himself from the other chickens and loses his will. If anyone knows any thing, I would like to know if I need to worry about my other roosters since it seems to be a type of cereal rooster to Rooster sickness. I'm sorry, you all for the enormous letter but I'm just very worried. Thank you!
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    This thread is about 9 years old I would start your own thread and it might get more attention, I just happened to notice it because it was a recently updated thread.
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