Genetic question- AMERAUCANA colors

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What do you get mixing Buff with blue? Or buff with red browns?

I have too many roos. I hate this part of hatching, etc. So tomorrow some cockerals are heading to auction.

Is there anything neat that can come from keeping a buff Ameraucana cockerel for my EE flock? I have no buff pullets to go with him/ I have a wheaten ameraucana and a blue roo for the EE flock, but these guys have all get along pretty well together, so perhaps I can get by with 3 roos. I will keep him if he might make something pretty.

Thoughts on what buff can create?

I have some really pretty 'lemon blue' EEs, and 'blue/wheaten ish' EEs as well as red brown EEs.

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how many EE hens do you have? That sounds good the mixes with the EE's will just be really pretty purer EE's that probably lay a nicer egg color.

Hi there,

When I mix varieties of any breed, I always get huge variations in color & color combinations in the offspring. I don't think the results would be predictable with any amount of accuracy. But there's ALWAYS the possibility of getting some really gorgeous mixed-variety birds!
Danke, Doc! This chart is great and I have not seen it before. Okay, I will keep one of the buff cocks too.

Henry, I have 7 EE pullets and some blue and black Ameraucana pullets. I also have 2 black Ameraucana cockerals.

Anne, you are right. Who cares what I get. They'll be beautiful.

I just HATE the plight of roosters. I have lots......and I love them.

Thanks very much.
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Buff on blue = blue and black leaking non black or non blue

buff on red brown will produce a light colored (not the black) red brown


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