Genetics beginner... How dominant is the copper gene?

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    Oct 7, 2015
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    Total beginner here...but chicken genetics are absolutely fascinating to me!
    I have just started to do some reading up on it but to be honest i'm feeling quite lost...
    How do you know what gene is dominant and which is not? or is it all one way...such as, I have read that the coppering gene is a dominant one, if there is excessive coppering does that mean that there are two copper genes? Such as the Rooster and Female Parents both had to have it?

    We have a rooster that looks almost identical to a bcm roo except for excessive copper leakage on all the flat black feathers on his underside and mostly copper feathers on his neck and upper chest. The father was a BCM but the mother hen is unknown. I was not told of the options the hen could have been from, only the breed of the roo.

    I have been wanting to perhaps breed with him as we love his colouring, he is a very beautiful boy. But I'm wondering what other genes could be dominant with the copper gene, or if any can cancel it out?

    Recently I had hatched chicks from them and a few of them had all black fluff with a red shine to the tops of the heads. True feathers on the wings were developing coppering at 2 weeks of age. I ended up selling them at this point so i am not sure of the results after this timeline.

    Anyways, I am just a highly interested learner in genetics and i'm finding it confusing as to what genes are dominant and which are recessive...or if all of the traits can be both.

    Thanks for sticking with me here...sorry if i'm not making sense.

    I am excited to learn more about this all and will keep reading, hopefully it will clear things up for me.

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    [​IMG] Hi,
    I felt the same way. Spent hours pouring over books and websites on genetics. Then I bought this book " The Genetics Of Chicken Colours, The Basics" It made so much sense. The back 1/2 of the book is a stunning color atlas of chicken colour pictures, captioned by their genetic formulas. The new book is The Genetics of Chicken Extremities. In other words, genetics of everything else but colours.
    I know they are expensive but the very best way to learn chicken genetics. If you buy them, you won't regret it.
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    Oct 7, 2015
    Nanaimo, BC
    Thank you!! I might just have to save up [​IMG]

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