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    I have a small flock 1 male and 3 (2) females. Problem, the female that hatched her eggs is the males full sister. This was more or less an accidental breeding (all are housed together) and 4 of 4 eggs hatched. Any thoughts appreciated. Specifically wondering if these chicks will have issues as their parentage is less then desirable. All are healthy and at 11 weeks old. 1 chick appears to be completely white. I also had an unrelated female hatch 2 chicks but she did so out in my woods. Her chicks were 1 white and what appeared to be 1 pied....unfortunately she and the chicks have since disappeared and as it has been 2 months I no longer hold out any hope for their well being. (coyotes, owls) The other female (unrelated) is sitting on eggs (her second attempt) but I believe they are well beyond hatch at this point and are not viable.
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  2. Birds genetics are quite different. It is highly unlikely that a brother/sister mating would produce chicks with any particular problems. There's lots of DNA to draw upon.

    What this mating does do is "stamp" the offspring with the family resemblance, a commonality of features, both good and bad.

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