Genetics experiment gone bad! Great pics!


9 Years
Jun 7, 2010
Portland, OR
Just kidding!

But I hatched 2 chicks from my late Polish roo (black and white crested) named Bobblehead and my Brown Leghorn, named Raptor.
The first chick that hatched, whom is most definately a little roo, looks like the Bride of Frankenstein! Probably the ugliest chick I've ever seen. Here is Bobblewrap #1:


Here is his precious little sister, born 4 days later, on day 25. I was about to toss the egg when I saw the pip!
Bobblewrap #2:

And here they are next to each other. I am amazed how different their combs are. #1 has a single come turning into a double with one little "horn" at the top middle. His is very pink. Hers is a small black single that looks like it might turn double.

The Bobblewraps:
They also have the teeniest little fluff of feathers right on the front of their foreheads as well as different colored eyes and legs. Very interesting.
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They're adorable!!!

I have had some funky combs from crossing EE's with single-combed breeds, but nothin quite this good! hehehehe I also got a black sexlink roo from a White Leghorn dad and Cuckoo Marans mom, he had one HUGE white earlobe on one side and a small red one on the other side! Sadly, he escaped the pen a few days ago and disappeared without a trace. I wouldn't have known what happened except I caught a few pix of him out of the pen on my game camera.

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