Genetics Experts: Can you get Lavender from B/B/S?

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by kathyinmo, May 25, 2010.

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    I have come across a few threads (Jersey Giants, Orps, Silkies) where people say they are getting Lavender (also termed self blue) birds from B/B/S matings. Is this possible?

    My understanding is that Lavender is a totally different gene than Blue (B/B/S), and that both parents must carry a copy of Lavender, for the offspring to be Lavender. The offspring (to appear as a Lavender) must receive one copy of Lavender from each parent. Am I wrong?

    IF I am correct, then what are these birds they are talking about? Are they simply a pale blue? [​IMG]
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    I think that's right, Kathy - let's get Jody in here to comment - she'll definitely know the answer! I'll ask her to pop in!!
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    Kathy You should be sleeping or are you working. Try PMing Henk69 He is the guy that made the chicken calculator he will know I think hes the real expert.

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    You are right Lavender ( Self Blue ) is a recessive gene and is a completely different gene from from the BBS ( Andalusian Blue) gene, which is incompletely dominant, not recessive. Butt if any two BBS colored birds carried one copy of the Lav gene and where mated together, then there is a possiblitlity of producing Lavs, but there would be only a small percentage and it wouldnt be very likely to get the right birds that carry the gene mated to together.

    So to answer the question, it is possible, but now very probable.
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    I have read somewhere (on here) that self-blue is not nesessarily the lavender gene. In some breeds, a blue without lacing or darker areas is considered self-blue. Which makes sense: in rabbits, a self- color is any monochromatic color, without spots or ticking. In this case, self-blue refers to the even appearance of the bird, not the genotype. You are correct, though, that lavender is an entirely different gene.
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    Quote:Sleep? No time, too much to do! [​IMG]

    Yes, I do hope Henk will respond. What are these birds that others are getting, if not Lavender?
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    Quote:I have never heard that before.
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    Lavender is a recessive gene. Unless it's been introduced to a line, it is pretty unlikely it would just randomly show up. You should not get it from breeding pure blue, black and splash birds.
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    The thing is you can get a color that look Self Blue (Lavender) and can be called Self Blue from B/B/S but it doesn't carry the Lavender Gene...
    Does that make sense, or did I just confuse you even more? [​IMG]

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