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Mar 27, 2008
ok so im not so smart on this genetic stuff.So would a white chicken carry the silver gene or is it in only silver chickens.
im trying to understand the sex linking.I know barred is sex linked.Also is gold sex linked?And any other sex link traits im not aware of?
so if your could tell me is laymans terms that would be great.hope im in the right place for posting this.


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Dec 12, 2007
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I've wondered about this question on white chickens also and will bump this back up so that you may get something better than my answer.

As I understand it, white color may mask (if that's the right word) an actual silver color. The bird may or may not have those silver genes. And, (I guess) one can't know simply by a designation of breed. So, a White Plymouth Rock may or may not have silver genes.

Without knowing a bird's genetics, it kind of looks to me that a red sex-link would only be assured if you were using a Delaware or a silver-laced bird. Probably, a number of white breeds have the potential of producing red sex-links but you'd need to know if the silver genes are in those white hens. Of course, you could test simply by breeding those hens to your RIR rooster.

Anyway, maybe I've got it right.


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