Sep 25, 2017
Howdy folks,

It seems like ages since I've joined a new Internet forum! I was looking at Backyard chickens as a resource we could recommend for people who are new to chickens, and decided it looked interesting enough to join. My wife and I have been keeping poultry most of our lives. For over 15 years we had Kraienkoppes, which I truly loved. Sometime around 2011 we changed over to Buckeyes, which we both love. We try to focus only what we can maintain long term. Currently we keep about 15 hens an a couple of roosters, down drastically from what we had a year ago.
We also raise and maintain a small flock of mixed heritage turkeys and a flock of pure French production white Muscovies, such as one can find through Freedom Ranger Hatchery and their affiliates. The Muscovies are amazing! Our main challenge is not letting them multiply beyond what's practical. They are absolutely delicious and, I like their eggs better than chicken eggs.
I (we=my wife and I) are into seed saving, beekeeping, dairy goats and almost all things to do with self sufficiency. We live on a ten acre farm and raise most of our own food. I've had bees since 1973 and gardened longer than that. We served as missionaries in Central Mexico for 14 years and love Hispanic culture, language. I also love to play with computers, having moved over to Linux about 4 years ago.

In 2014 we started work on a homesteading website. It's called Homesteading Edu. It did a soft launch in March of this year.

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