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Discussion in 'Geese' started by carladababe, Feb 23, 2011.

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    Nov 25, 2010
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    My heart is breaking for one of the Canada Geese that visits my farm every year. There must be a couple dozen this year including a few that are returning from last year, like George who happens to be the lone goose that every one chases. Last night I heard quite the ruckus, but didn't see anything when I went out to check, every one was in the lake honking up a storm. Today I saw George limping, his leg damaged. He is eating and preening but I fear for him. I know he is wild and I should let things be but is there anything I can do to help beyond making cracked corn available?[​IMG]
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    Aug 3, 2009
    Quote:Can you maybe contact your local wildlife rehabbers? They can take him in and try to get him well before they release him.
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    Aug 4, 2010
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    Yes, if you can catch him or get someone else to catch him, it'll be good. I don't know why a single animal gets ostracized like that in a group. I see it all the time. We have one Canada gander at our lake that the other geese keep pulling the tail feathers out of. He has no friends and is mostly alone, but stays within sight of the two Chinese ganders. The other two resident Canadas seem to have no problem fitting in with the other geese.

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