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ticked me off! What the heck was that! Why did he make me wait so darn long for this book! Over 2 years! And that's it? I realise it was a kinda fill in the gaps kinda book, but so many darn pages of filler? Please! I feel like it left me still where I was with the last book. There was no progression. Oh my gosh! And he killed off John Snow! You have to be kidding me. So.. We know the queen regent is disgraced. Briane is still alive, aria is alive and learning assassin skills... But what of Sansa, what of the youngest stark boy? And why hasn't he moved Daneryes back to the 7 kingdoms? I think old George did this book for the money and the hype that came along with the HBO showing of game of thrones... Which was really good.

I a people not happy, and if I have to wait another 3 yrs... I am not going to bother with it!
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OMG....this needs a spoiler alert big time! I wasn't this far into the books.
I knew I shouldn't have read the post.
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That is the problem with epic fantasy. It gets so big that sometimes it seems like you are not getting anywhere.

But still I LOVE GRR Martin. If you need something to keep you busy while you wait for the next book you might try looking in to some of his anthologies of his short stories. They are amazing.
Yes they are... But here is the thing... In the book, feast of crows, Dance of Dragons was already finished... IT HAD BEEN FINISHED FOR NEARLY 5 YEARS BEFORE ITS RELEASE! Oh, believe me, I might be irratated by this one, but, I will still read the next one. I am addicted. LOL.
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I LOVE " A song of Ice and Fire" series. LOVE it, I paid full price for the hardback as soon as it came out.

That said How could you NOT read the first several books and see martin HAS no main character he is unwilling to kill off. He has shown a penchant to kill off many characters that people LIKE and are core to the story. Don't know how far in you are, but he continues to kill off people.
Ah but you don't know she may just get that bitter end. He seems to be paving the way for Deanarys to end up with the imp!

MANY people were FURIOUS after the hand was beheaded on the series. So mad they threatened to not watch anymore. Well if they don't read the books, they will continue to be mad cuz he kills a bunch at the red wedding. Don't know if that will be this next season or the one after that. I expect lots of angry viewers!!!
I was real impressed with how well HBO followed the written story. I hope that they do not mess up the next book. The only thing that was wrong, was Rob was 14, HBO made him older, and Ricken was only 3, they made him 6... But I guess they figured no viewer wants to see a 14 yr old boy leading an army... I mean the Starks were kids. Even Snow was just a kid...

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