Georgia Town BANS Public BreastFeeding!!!


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May 26, 2009
Came across this article today and I must say I am suprised and disgusted by the law AND the responses from people towards the law.

The new 'law' says you can NOt breastfeed a child over 2 years old in public. WHAT???!!! Who are they to determine what age is appropriate to breastfeed a child in public?? And who is going to enforce that law? Are moms supposed to carry around birth certificates to defend their right to breastfeed in public?

What really got me upset were some of the responses to the law. People were saying it is 'disgusting' and 'wrong' to breatsfeed after the age 2. Soooooo, it was ok when the child was younger, but not once the child is older? Like the people are just barely 'tolerating' a mother breastfeeding the baby in public to begin with.

I had NO idea there was so much predjudice against BF'ing in public, and apparently, there is alot more to BF'ing an older child. I cant figure out WHY it matters how old or big the child is. Or why ANYONE thinks they should have a say in how long I can BF MY child in public (or anywhere for that matter).

I personally let my children nurse as long as they want- I had one self-wean at 10 months and another that is 27 months (yes, OVER 2 years old!!!) that still nurses for comfort, and to help him fall asleep. I dont nurse him much in public anymore, mostly because he chooses not to, and other times because it simply isnt convienent for ME- NOT because of other people. I couldnt imagine being a petty criminal just because I did something SOOO human and natural as to breastfeed my child- of ANY age.

America is one of VERY few countries that doesnt nurse past the first year, most nurse their babies up to ages 3 and 4 years old. Im sure part of the problem is the extreme sexualization of the female breast in America, but c'mon, where do those people get off making such a law? What happened to our freedom?

Here is a link to the short article and if you scroll down, you can read the responses from some of the posters on that site. I am NOT promoting the site (not anti-site either), just wanted to share and see what other moms think (and anyone else too!)

Please keep responses respectful- we all are entitled to our opinions, but we can keep things nice!
Well....if the kid is old enough to REMEMBER breast-feeding...and/or climbs up and lifts your shirt with one hand and has a taco in the other, it's probably time to stop.

All kidding aside....I don't think regulating how/when/where people feed their own children is a good idea. Especially since it will start at age 2 and then may trickle down to newborns or something ridiculous like that.
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I thought it was already illegal. Thought a person should not have to breast feed after a year old tops. or all the "health" classes in school are liars.

ETA: They could arrest you for public indisency (?)
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There has to be a cut off somewhere. Would you breastfeed your 18 year old son? My ex husband's sister in law used to breast feed her 5 year old boy in front of everyone and I found it very disturbing.
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The high school health classes also taught us about the food pyramid and now we are a nation of obese people.
Seems to me that's for the mother and the child to decide. SHOCKER FOLKS! A human child will most times wean themselves, just like other mammals will.
Typed out a long response and then moderated myself

The high school health classes also taught us about the food pyramid and now we are a nation of obese people.

not to start a debate but McDonalds and Coca Cola are not prominent on the food pyramid.

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