German Shepherd Figurine Lot - Beautiful - TX can ship


11 Years
Apr 19, 2008
Bedias, TX
Here we have a beautiful collection of vintage German Shepherd Dog figurines, and two plates. We've had them a very very long time, (and I'm pretty sure there's more in storage somewhere), but damage to our roof and our car have caused financial trouble.

So I'm offering them to my good friends here at BYC.

Pictures first, then prices listed.





1 - Brown GSD sitting - No markings or stamp
2 - Grey GSD sitting - No markings or stamp
3 - Brown GSD laying - No markings or stamp
4 - White GSD laying - "Made in Japan"
5 - Dark grey GSD laying - stamped Japan
6 - Blue & white GSD laying - NOT INCLUDED!!!
7 - Brown GSD laying - "M188 Germany"
8 - Black and white GSD laying - "Made in Germany"
9 - GSD plate, small. Backside pictured
10 - GSD plate, small. Backside pictured

Take the whole lot and make someone's birthday or Christmas for just $75, shipping included. Huge savings!

POSSIBLY interested in trades for poultry or goat items. Can't hurt to ask me.

Hate to see them go, but have to do it. Can reach my by PM or e-mail. ( [email protected] )

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