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    Aug 31, 2016
    Okay so something weird happened today. My dog, German Shepherd husky mix, is great around my 5 girls. Today I let them out to just chill in my garden are for a bit while I was doing yard work. She was watching them and when she saw me getting ready to put them away she hearded them. Like she very calmly walked them to the coop and sat outside so they would stay in until I shut the door. Is this good/normal. She has never tried to attack them but we haven't had them for very long. I let them back out later an she kids watched them like puppies until she was tired then she rounded them up and looked at me like she was asking what I was gonna do. Should I be happy about this behavior or worried?
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    Jun 4, 2011
    I would work on teaching her exactly how you want her to interact with them.
    it sounds like she has a good start but watch her to make sure that she keeps in the same vein. If the chickens run, the husky in her is going to want to chase.
    Just keep her supervised and reward the behavior that you want
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