German Shorthaired Pointers and Chickens


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Mar 27, 2011
I have 11 one month old chicks and also 2 German Shorthaired Pointer BIRD dogs (Currently trained on Partridge and Pheasant here in Maine). I was wondering if anyone had experience with mixing these two... I have been holding the chicks around the dogs and letting them sniff the brooder box but they are SUPER excited about the chicks and point at them all the time. I know if I let one run around them they would probably pounce on it an kill it. I tell them NO and LEAVE IT, and I think they understand that they are not supposed to, but it is in their DNA to be obsessed with birds. I was hoping to free range the chickens when they are grown up, but am thinking that may be a bad idea. Has anyone had any experience with this?
I have 6 (gs) and chickens, turkeys and ducks that free range. If they are trained for bird hunting they know they aren't supposed to chase birds that aren't shot and they have been told to fetch. I don't let my young, untrained dogs loose with the birds as they will point and then chase. Use your 'whoa' command then teach them to 'leave it' or 'not bird' heel them away. This will all be easier if you keep doing what you are doing not and let them see them and know they are 'your's ' you can also if you have e collars, use aversion training to keep them away from the birds, but you probably won't need to it they are well trained and under control already.
I would have to say it would greatly depend on the dogs and how well trained and compliant they are. Personally, I would not risk it knowing pointers in general. My dad currently has an English Pointer and I like to call her 'the Chomper'. She wont even come to you if you call her if she has a scent of anything. But you know your dogs the best. If you put down a treat/irresistible object, will they leave it and listen to you, or do they remain focused on said object. Dogs can be trained but it kinda depends on their personality and drive to begin with as to how far you can take their training and get good compliance.
We use the e-collar fence to give the chickens a protected area. My Wirehair is fairly mellow, but my husbands pointer is a true killer and she will lie in wait for birds to cross the line.

Even with a lot of training and patience, if a chickens pops out of the grass in front of them, I think you are going to have a problem.
They just can't help to pounce on something feathery running from them.
I have 3 gsps and one herds the birds if they get outta the yard and babysits the little ones if they wander too far... The other two avoid the chickens like the plague...

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