Gestation Excitement and Spoiled Rotten Boys *pic heavy*

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    Oct 28, 2008
    So excited for babies this Spring.. I love seeing all the little goaties on here and two of my does are due the last week in April but appear to be plumping up significantly with still two months to go! Last year the light buckskin gave twins and the tricolor gave triplets.. who knows what to expect this time around.. they hate to pose as you can see below.. Also wanted to share my rotten boys.. this is a nightly occurance during feeding/watering.. they enjoy running out and jumping on the few bales of hay I keep downstairs for feeding and eating until I coax them back in their stall... I will be so glad for spring/summer as they are soooo dirty from being stuck in barn all winter.. the little white buckling has a nice cape of urine, loose minerals, dirt and hay chaff.. so nice.. but I love those rotten buggars to death!!! enjoy my stinky dirty crew!! oh and I did notice tonight even though there is 2 inches of snow on the ground.. my goats are starting to shed their winter underfluff!! kinda see it in the couclair buck.. yeah Spring!!!!!!
    preggers #1
    preggers #2 would not come out in light plus she is colored in thirds black, white, brown from head to butt

    rotten boys
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    Mar 20, 2008
    I love your goats! Keep posting pics!
    Those little monsters. [​IMG] Mine like getting into unopened hay bales too. I think they want to pick out all of their favorite pieces!

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