Gesundheit! Sneezing chick

Silkiechick 802

May 7, 2017
Hi guys, first off, thank you in advance for your time, and help!

I have a small flock o'silkies... and decided to let them grow their own. Have a chick on the ground in the coop with mum (who is so cute!), and hatched out my first batch of chicks in a brand new incubator. What a cool experience! Anyway, I have 5 little silkies now in the house. My first guy hatched, and 5 days into this world, started breathing a bit heavy. No panting, jut breathing faster then normal. OK. I am aware of congenial defects and such, let it be.. keep an eye on it, right?

The next day, 24 hours later, sneezing. The cutest little sneezes.. although not so cute what it means for my little bird! Immediately separated this sneezy one from the others, and noticed another chick breathing faster then the others. I then panicked and began them all on Tetroxy, to the tune of 2tsp/gal, as well as pre/probiotics and electrolytes. I have been all over this site reading what other people have written.. and can come to no conclusive end... One day after the antibiotics the chick that looked like it was breathing heavy is normal, but the other one has not changed a bit, and it has been about 5 days.

So, at this point, the little dude is still sneezing. No changes, nothing. Very active, just sneezing and breathing faster then the others. Changed bedding, changed type of bedding, they are in a temperature controlled climate that they can make warmer or cooler by location, as well as ventilated. From day one, they got nutri-drench in the water and have been on medicated chick starter. I have had chickens for years, but this is my first home hatch, and I am a little stumped and not had a sneezing chick before. I have had no disease that I know of here (nothing has manifested anyway), and nothing has come in and out of my flock for at least a year.

Anyone go through this before? I am thinking it is a cold, BUT, if it is going to continue to pop up from this chick, I am not opposed to culling him if I have to. I am already planning another hatch, and don't want to doom the little guys before they are given a chance. Any advice is welcome, or, have you gone through this? Please let me know the outcome, timeline, ect! I am surprised that the chick has no changes in symptoms, but pleased he is eating and growing normally. Just breathing heavy and sneezing. Thanks again for your help!


Mar 20, 2017
New york
This is my first time with chickens. I didn't hatch my own chicks, and there was no heavy breathing but a few of the chicks sneezed a little bit. They are all at least 7 weeks now and i haven't noticed any more sneezing. Do you know how much your chicks are drinking, she may be dehydrated, again this is my first time with chickens so i may not be correct.

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