Get our cochin some babies?

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    Apr 29, 2013
    It's been at least a month since we gave away our cockerel. It is in the 30s here. So my mom thinks she's depressed because she'll sit while Harley(EE) is foraging with the older ones. I also know that cochins are laid back, and I think the harsh cold causes Gracie to limp. We've played with the idea of getting more chickens. Gracie hasn't matured yet but getting there. Could we get her some chicks and she would adopt them? She's 24 weeks old, comb and wattles coming in.

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    She'll most likely kill the chicks. She's WAY too young to be a mother, and having hens adopt chicks rarely works unless they've been sitting on eggs for a while. When the broody hen has sat for 19+ days, then you take the eggs out at night and slip the day-old chicks underneath her. You don't just give chicks to a random pullet that's too young to lay eggs.

    Sounds to me like she might be sick, or lame, or just doesn't feel like going out. "In the 30's" isn't harsh cold. Chickens do better in cold than heat, and will go out and forage in temps well below zero F. It's 26 here today, and my whole flock is outside happily running around in the snow and ice. They'll go inside if we get freezing rain or it's really windy, but mostly they are outside all winter and will still go out when it's ten below.
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