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May 19, 2011
So if you read my earlier post, you know that we are starting a whole farm lifestyle to go with our chickens. We are starting to compost, we have a laundry line and we had/have aspirations to grow things in our larger-than-normal-for-Tucson back yard.

Well any of you from Tucson know how horrible it can be to try to grow things in the dessert, especially in our soil. So, like most back yard farmers in the desert, we needed a raised bed garden (or two!) So this weekend we put up the walls for the beds, and we got our run enclosed. We had a great time outside with the kids getting the farm all set. Meanwhile, we opened the coop door to let the girls out to free range but they decided they'd rather lay just inside the door sunning themselves!

It was a good day!


I've been an inside girl so long, i forgot how to use this thing....


the hubs with the finished gardens


Since we cant plant til august (its too hot already) i started some herbs so i can get my thumbs a little greener.


Lazy birds.
Durn them it's all play and no work!
I started some herbs too; looks like yours are doing great! I have lots of basil going.

What things are you planning on growing in your new garden?
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I remember visiting your part of the country back in '86. I think the temp was 110 degrees in June. Yet I think Flagstaff was 36 degrees at night? Is my memory correct?
yep it can get up into the 110 area. usually thats about where we top out in tucson. its not as hot as phoenix. So until all that passes they will just be empty beds. Or soon they will be dirt filled beds. I'm gonna put down some preemergent and some clear plastic for a few weeks to burn up all the weed seeds living in there. it should be pretty fabulous by the time im ready to plant!

What to plant what to plant... hmmm what a good question. I'm reading some books on desert gardening to get ideas, but i'd like to start with some good ole fashion salsa basics: Peppers, tomatoes, garlic etc. As you maybe can see i already have cilantro! but i have a HUGE amount of space to take up so i'd like to see what grows well in second season. Probably some corn, some lettuce, squash etc.

Any suggestions?
First thing I'd say it fencing! Chickens love to destroy gardens, lol. If they don't eat it, they'll dig it up!
I remember looking at a coop/run/garden plan that seems like it would be perfect for your neck of the woods (with all that sandy soil!) Basically they built two runs off the coop. One run would be the run and one run would be the garden - alternating every year (so the ground doesn't sour in the run and the chickens fertilize the garden). Very cool what you are doing!
(and nothing like cooking with fresh herbs to inspire more garden plantings - yum!

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