Getting a freezer camp trainee thicker?


10 Years
Aug 20, 2009
East Central VA
I have a roo with an attitude problem who is destined for freezer camp. He's been isolated in a small dog kennel and has been given all he can eat of whatever I have, layer feed, scratch, leftovers etc.
He's been in there about a month and there has been no weight change at all. His keel bone is very very prominent and very little meat anywhere Still too scrawny to justify slaughter or firing up the crock pot.
He's been checked for worms and other parasites, none. He's a mutt (looks like sex link with a few feathers on his feet/legs) and we don't know the age.

What else can I do to get him a little thicker??
Maybe he read the story of Hansel and Gretel.
I was afraid of that..... there's just not enough on this bird to cook. Don't even think the dogs would care to gnaw on him either
I personally don't eat my spent layers or roosters for that reason, but there are plenty of people on here that do. They may be able to offer more insight. If you really want to make use of him, he would make great stock or soup, and there's always going to be SOME meat!
Chicken broth!! Stick his skinny little carcass in a pot of water with onion, garlic, and a bayleaf. Simmer 'til the skeleton falls apart. Cool, remove the bones, skim off the fat, and you have the makings for all kinds of good things.

I make a type of stroganoff. Add some cream of mushroom soup to the pot. Bring to a boil, add noodles. When the noodles are nearly done add some frozen peas. When the peas are done, add some sour cream. Stir in well then serve. Yum.
i'm with you on the stock... we cook our carcasses down overnite (note: i have a VERY reliable stove!!!) and then we make chicken salad with the good meat that is left. the cats get whatever is off the bone (we dont give the dogs chicken bones but the cats pick it clean).

with the chicken salad you can cut up the meat into really small pieces or 'mince' it by going over and over it with the knife.

i wouldnt waste him - but compost is always a good option too - back to the earth and all
I vote chicken stock. My husband thinks I am crazy for all the stock I make, but it makes even simple fare taste better if it's cooked in stock rather than water. A chicken, even a skinny one can make several batches of stock. Roast some vegetables and herbs until browned. Throw them in a crock pot full of water with part of your chicken and let it simmer for 12-24 hours. Sieve out the solids. Refrigerate until the fat rises then skim off the fat. Freeze the stock into 2 cup portions so it is in workable portions.

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