Getting a Golden...what would you do as far as food....

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    Apr 6, 2009
    The dog is 5 yrs old and has skin problems. Right now the owner is on her second round of antibiotics, she shaved the dog as well. He eats Purina One food. My guess is allergies as my previous Golden had allergies as well.

    My intention is to switch this dog to a raw diet but not sure if I should implement that right away for give him a week or so to adjust to his new surroundings/family before making any changes to his diet.

    What do you think?
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    My older GSD had itchy skin until we switched him to Taste of the Wild.
    If an grain free food like TOTW doesn't help, I would try adding something like salmon oil to his food. The kind I buy is called Grizzly Salmon Oil and it's available from
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    Oh good for you for rescuing him. I wouldn't switch until he is settled in for a week. It might be the only constant he has, and then I would switch him gradually. I thought my dog had allergies in addition to his dermatomyositis but he kept getting worse even on the prednisone so I took him to a specialist who immediately diagnosed him with canine discoid lupus. 3 tetracycline and 3 niacinamide per day plus Vitamin E and Fishoil twice a day and he is a LOT better, like a miracle really and thankfully off the steroids. If you care to share his symptoms I can let you know if they are similar or not. Good luck [​IMG]

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