Getting back to my roots in North Dakota.


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May 11, 2015
North Dakota
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My Coop
Hi everyone, I'm just starting out my flock on our acreage in ND. I lived on a farm back home in Canada for quite a few years as a kid and had lots of experience with farm animals, including chickens. I was a city girl for many years after that. This is the first time I've had any animals, other than a dog, in my adult life, so I have some background knowledge but I've also got a lot to learn! I have 12 hens that are nearing 8 weeks, some Easter Eggers and an assortment of others. Where is a good place to post pictures to help me figure out what breeds I've got?

Bryant Redhawk

May 11, 2015
Vilonia, AR. USA
Welcome Carmenmerrill, my wife, Wolf, is also from Canada. Good luck with your new adventure, we have one coop built and one to build before we start gathering our flock. We plan on letting our flock free range and we are going to be getting guinea hens at the same time we get the chickens. Wolf is already talking about adding ducks and geese to the group of winged critters we will care for.

I look forward to reading about your adventure in the land down under Canada.

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