Getting backyard chickens legalized in Plano, Texas


10 Years
Jun 8, 2009
I'm a Plano resident and have been corresponding with the city council here for a few months trying to get the ordinances changed to allow backyard chickens. Now a farmer from Poetry, Texas (about an hour east of Dallas, I believe) who sells hens in Dallas where it's legal is trying to help with the legalization effort in Plano. His name is Dan Probst, and he is from Bageniece Farms in Poetry. He has appeared on the podcast Backyard Poultry With the Chicken Whisperer, so if you listen to that show you may have heard of him. This morning Dan sent me the following message:
Do you know of anyone else in Plano that has or wants chickens. I have a few names, but I will need as many as I can get before we get serious about this. It is very possible that we can get chickens legalized without changing any city codes, but rather have department heads review their codes as there are inconsistancies in the codes that define pets and livestock - this would make it an interpretation of the existing code. The key is numbers of people who will join us either by petition or at a meeting. I am posting this on the Dallas Backyard Poultry group to get more input.


Unfortunately, I am relatively new to Plano and hardly know anyone yet, let alone anyone who wants chickens. But if you live here or know people who live here who might want some, I would encourage you to write to Dan and let him know. It would be an enormous help. His address is: [email protected]
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